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Wer steckt wirklich hinter der Politik der EU? Dieses 10-minütige Video gibt Einblick in die Rolle von Konzern-Lobbygruppen im EU-Entscheidungsprozess: Wer sind sie? Wie bekommen sie was sie wollen? Und was bedeutet das für uns - das Essen auf unseren Tellern, die Regulierung von Banken und Chemikalien in Alltagsgegenständen? Video anschauen, mehr erfahren und weiterleiten!



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Zu Reach habe ich aber als an Tierwohl interessierter Bürgerin eine differenzierte Meinung, denn tatsächlich werden dafür wieder hunderttausende Tiere auf entsetzliche Weise ihr Leben lassen müssen.
Anstatt also mittels Tierversuchen zu überprüfen, sollte überhaupt diese ganz Zahl von Giften grundsätzlich reduziert werden und nur tierversuchsfreie Überprüfungsmethoden angewandt werden.
Aber da sind wir natürlich wieder bei den Lobbyisten der entsprechenden Wirtschaftszweige, denne das Wohl von Menschen, Tieren und Umwelt am Allerwertesten vorbei geht

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The European Commission proposal on scientific criteria defining endocrine disruptors (EDCs) is the latest dangerous outgrowth of a highly toxic debate. The chemical lobby, supported by certain Commission factions (notably DG SANTE and the Secretary-General) and some member states (UK and Germany), has put significant obstacles in the way of effective public health and environment regulation.

In the run up to the UK referendum on EU membership on 23 June, Corporate Europe Observatory has tabled a series of freedom of information requests to find out how UK finance lobbies have been influencing the referendum negotiations and the Capital Markets Union. But the Brexit-Bremain referendum seems to be a freedom of information black hole.

From the day a referendum on UK membership of the EU was first announced in 2013, the financial sector started using Cameron’s re-negotiation process to promote its deregulatory agenda. Sometimes lobbying was required, but more often the UK government did its work for them. 

A new report on carbon market reform has kicked off debate on the issue in the European Parliament. It promises new loopholes for the oil industry and other polluters.

Biodiversity collapse, the future of agriculture, politics versus science, EU States and the European Commission shifting blame on each other, industry's capture of the regulatory process through data secrecy, a Commissioner caught between Juncker, EU States, lobby groups, and his own services... The glyphosate saga, coming to an end this week with the European Commission's decision to extend its licence, has been an entry point into many broader problems. Overview.

The official EU assessment of glyphosate was based on unpublished studies owned by industry. Seven months later, the pesticide industry still fights disclosure and, so far, successfully. We obtained a copy of their arguments.

While CEO is not taking a position on the UK referendum, many of our publications are relevant to those who will have a vote, or those who are following the debate.

The current struggle in France over labour law reforms is not just between the Government and trade unions – a European battle is waged. The attacks on social rights stem in no small part from the web of EU-rules dubbed 'economic governance', invented to impose austerity policies on member states.

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