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More than a third of the members of the previous European Commission have taken corporate jobs and will be able to lobby the institution on behalf of their employers by early next year.

Los gobiernos comunitarios vienen y van, pero las puertas giratorias siguen girando, bien engrasadas. Lo hacen independientemente de los signos políticos de presidentes y comisarios, de sus nacionalidades o de las promesas de los distintos ejecutivos de Bruselas.

Früheren EU-Kommissaren steht der Jobmarkt weit offen - doch manch neuer Posten ist problematisch. Ein Bericht zeigt jetzt: Immer wieder verstoßen Europas höchste Beamte gegen den eigenen Verhaltenskodex.

La capitale belge compte entre 20.000 et 30.000 lobbyistes, soit un lobbyiste pour deux fonctionnaires européens, ce qui fait de Bruxelles la deuxième capitale du lobbying au monde, après Washington.


As environment and energy ministers prepare to meet in Paris for the COP 21 climate change talks, CEO takes a look at how the revolving door ensures that the EU institutions remain close to Big Energy.

Join AITEC, ATTAC France, Corporate Europe Observatory, l'Observatoire des Multinationales and the Transnational Institute for a guided 'lobby tour' of Paris's climate criminals, with a special focus on the ongoing UN climate talks in the French capital, COP21.

Conflicts of interest in the field of energy and climate policy are being ignored by EU institutions allowing some of the world’s biggest polluters to potentially benefit from the know-how and contact books of top Brussels insiders, according to a new report.


The Corporate Cookbook

You would be forgiven for believing that the corporate world has had a change of heart and is now sticking to a strictly climate-friendly diet. Embracing low-carbon natural gas, a global carbon price, ‘net-zero emissions by the end of the century’ or ‘climate-smart agriculture’ are top of the menu. But peel back the PR and you reveal a business-as-usual recipe guaranteed to cook the planet.

Capturing COP21 - Corporate influence and the UN climate summit in Paris

The corporate lobby tour

Stop the Crop

Alternative Trade Mandate