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Brazil's Agrofuel Push in Sao Paulo

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EU efforts to deal with endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) has provoked massive industry lobbying from multinationals producing pesticide, plastics and what have you. Many of their products contain chemicals with endocrine disrupting properties, which mean they can interfere with our hormone system even at very low exposur levels. A new film covering this battle by French investigative journalist Stéphane Horel was broadcast on France 5 in August. Now this must-watch movie is online.
Corporate Europe Observatory is looking for an experienced, French-speaking campaigner to join our team and strengthen our work on the EU-US trade and investment deal (TTIP). This position is a full time (36 hours per week) temporary position for one year. React before Friday September 26th 2014.
Karmenu Vella is a Maltese politician and the country's nominee to be European commissioner, responsible for environment, maritime and fisheries. He has been a member of the Maltese parliament since 1976, but that hasn't prevented him from also holding a variety of external business roles at the same time including within the gambling industry. CEO now argues that these recent outside interests make him unsuitable to be a commissioner.
The announcement today that Jean-Claude Juncker, president-elect of the European commission, will hand responsibility for financial services to Jonathan Hill compounds CEO's view that British PM David Cameron should withdraw his nomination of Hill.

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