TTIP: Reguleringssamarbejde - en trussel mod demokratiet

En kort video om en værktøjskasse for lobbyister

Videoen om ”reguleringssamarbejde” under TTIP er produceret af SumOfUs, Corporate Europe Observatory, LobbyControl, Seattle-to-Brussels Network og Campact.

Vi vender os kraftigt mod ”reguleringssamarbejde” under TTIP, som repræsenterer en fare for demokratiet, og som sætter store virksomheders interesser over forbrugerne, lønmodtagerne og miljøet.

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162 civil society organisations from across Europe have called for European trade policy to be made more democratic. Only a democratic and transparent process from its inception has the potential to ensure that trade and investment agreements will benefit all.

CETA has now been provisionally applied. Our new mobile and desktop game Dodgy Deals lets players face some of the dangerous features of trade deals like CETA and shows what is at stake.

91 per cent of meetings held by UK trade ministers (10/2016 - 06/2017) and 70 per cent of meetings held by UK Brexit ministers have been with business, too often big business, interests. This corporate bias in ministerial access is part of an ongoing trend.

Brexit could become a cash cow for law firms that make millions when corporations sue nation states via trade and investment agreements. They're paving the way for Brexit-related corporate claims against the UK & touting the UK as a gateway for future investor claims against EU member states.