TTIP: Reguleringssamarbejde - en trussel mod demokratiet

En kort video om en værktøjskasse for lobbyister

Videoen om ”reguleringssamarbejde” under TTIP er produceret af SumOfUs, Corporate Europe Observatory, LobbyControl, Seattle-to-Brussels Network og Campact.

Vi vender os kraftigt mod ”reguleringssamarbejde” under TTIP, som repræsenterer en fare for demokratiet, og som sætter store virksomheders interesser over forbrugerne, lønmodtagerne og miljøet.

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A new report from CEO and TNI exposes how the little-known but expanding Energy Charter Treaty gives corporations the power to halt the energy transition. And how it is being expanded, threatening to bind yet more countries to corporate-friendly energy policies.

The EU member state vote on the EU-Japan trade agreement is close, but not all interest groups had an equal say when the deal was hashed out. Official figures from the European Commission show that big business had many more meetings with the EU trade negotiators than small businesses, trade unions and other civil society actors did.

On the occasion of the International Day of Farmers' Struggle, we have jointly with allies prepared five short visions for a sustainable, healthy and fair food and trade policy to restart this important debate.

Following calls for openness and public participation, the European Commission now advertises its trade negotiations as transparent and inclusive. But crucial information about EU trade deals are still kept from citizens. Even member state governments regularly complain about being left in the dark. At the same time, corporations continue to call the shots on EU trade talks.

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