Pesticide reduction under threat. Take action now!

Fate of new law (SUR) decided in next few weeks

The Green Deal flagship proposal to significantly reduce pesticides is under attack from the pesticide industry and its political allies. To add insult to injury, the EU may even decide to allow 10 more years of the most sold weedkiller glyphosate (Roundup)!

However, over 1 million European citizens demand an end to pesticides in the 'Save Bees and Farmers' initiative. Pesticide use needs to go down drastically to stop biodiversity decline.

Tell members of the European Parliament to put citizens' and farmers' health and biodiversity above the interests of the pesticide industry. 

This tool makes it easy to write to decision makers from your country. We give a suggestion (refresh page for another one). Add your own words and send the message.

Take action: your voice counts!!

PS: The tool selects the country of your IP adress, but of course you can also select another country.

CEO exposed the pesticide industry's lobby tactics to delay and derail the pesticide reduction law SUR in its report 'A Loud Lobby for a Silent Spring'. A key lobby tactic was to demand more 'impact data' from the European Commission, under the pretext of food security and the Ukraine war. Conservative and other right-wing parties, as well as big farm lobbies joined industry in this campaign. Now, conservatives are in election mode, which means that 'anything goes', including promoting fake news and denying scientific evidence of biodiversity decline.

Earlier this spring a fact check was published by NGOs, debunking some of the conservatives' arguments.

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