Letter to MEPs on STOA-PRRI GMO seminar

Corporate Europe Observatory and Greenpeace European Unit, along with nineteen other organisations have written to the members of the STOA-panel of the European Parliament, to raise concerns about an upcoming seminar they are holding on the EU GMO policy. This seminar is organised in cooperation with the Public Research Regulation Initiative (PRRI), an industry-biased pro-GMO lobbygroup, despite its name and pretentions. The organisations ask the STOA-panel members to postpone the seminar "in order to make sure that independent scientific experts as well as representatives from civil society are invited to debate the role of genetic engineering". PRRI is well-known for its pro-industry positions, is funded by corporations such as Monsanto, and many of its members have ties with industry. You can download the letter here, and also a CEO briefing on PRRI published on the occasion of the UN biosafety talks in Bonn, May 2008.