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Lobby tour request

Thank you for your interest in the world of Brussels lobbying! To request a tour please fill all the fields in this form and click send. For more information you can also consult our Lobby Planet guide to the Brussels bubble.

Please note that :

  • CEO receives far more lobby tour requests than we can possibly accommodate and while we will do our best to accommodate you, we cannot guarantee it. For the same reasons, bear in mind that it can take time (at least a week) to process your request and give you an answer. Therefore, please send this form well in advance of the proposed date.

  • We don't do lobby tours during the winter break (15 November -- 15 March).

  • CEO does not charge for lobby tours but we do appreciate donations to support our ongoing work. If your lobby tour request is accepted, please consider making such a donation either during the tour or subsequently. If  desired, we can issue you a proper invoice.

  • In the tour, we walk visitors around the key lobby landmarks in the ‘European quarter’ of Brussels and explain how corporations try to influence EU institutions. Tours last about 90 minutes.

Organization requesting the tour
Contact person
Have you requested a tour before ?
If so when ?

CEO welcomes the very strongly worded final ruling by European Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly in her inquiry into the Commission's implementation of UN rules for contacts with tobacco industry lobbyists.

CEO joined forces with nine other civil society organisations working for equality, non-discrimination, transparent decision-making and strong ethics rules: in an open letter to the European Parliament we urge MEPs to oppose Oettinger’s appointment as the Comission’s head of human resources.

After nine months of hearings, the draft report of the EU Parliament's inquiry into the Dieselgate scandal has it black on white: the European Commission and EU member states had known since 2004-05 that diesel cars' nitrogen oxide emissions were far above legal limits - yet neither took action.

Our new report shows how industry lobbies present employee protection against work-related cancers as an 'unnecessary' burden on companies, and explains which tactics have been used to weaken and delay the European Union's revision of the Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive.

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