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David Carlander

Former employer: 
European Food Safety Authority
Former function: 
Scientific Officer working on guidance for assessing risk of nanotechnology in food
New function: 
Director of Advocacy
New employer: 
Nanotechnology Industries Association
Policy area: 
Date of Revolving Door: 
September, 2011
Institutional reaction: 

“Your future engagement … is approved. In order to be compatible with EFSA's legitimate interest you are requested during the period of one year after taking up the new assignment not to be the reference contact point for EFSA on nanotechnology-related issues, to not to approach EFSA staff to gain access to non-public documents and information, and to respect potential conflicts of interest that may arise for EFSA in case you would approach EFSA experts for work assignments for your new employer”.

Other info: 

“Dr Carlander worked closely on the EFSA nano Opinion and presented it on behalf of EFSA at various meetings”. (Source: EU Food Policy 7 October 2011)

"The fact that David has joined NIA as a Director of Advocacy, with his scientific background and experience, will further strengthen and advance the NIA's role as the voice of the nanotechnology industries," said Dr Steffi Friedrichs, Director General of the NIA. (Source: EU Food Policy) 

Comment from CEO: 

"This case raises profound questions and it seems that the conditions EFSA placed upon Dr Carlander will not prevent conflicts of interest, especially considering that Dr Carlander became Director of Advocacy at NIA, which is a post which would surely require lobbying or providing advice on lobbying strategies to colleagues. CEO considers that a full two year cooling off period would be a far more effective way, in such an instance, of being sure that conflicts of interest are to be avoided."

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