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TroikaWatch, a new citizen observatory on the politics of the Troika, has now officially launched its project. From now on, TroikaWatch will bring news on the Troika, the situation in the countries affected by it and the civil opposition and resistance against it. A monthly newsletter will be published in nine different languages, available at the website

To the Executive Board of the European Central Bank
Concerning the President’s membership of the Group of Thirty.

Dear Mr. Draghi.

With KPMG compiling an assessment of the “operational and fiscal challenges” of state-owned enterprises for the public purse on behalf of the European Commission, concerns about a new wave of privatisation arise.

A new report from CEO shows gas industry lobbying could lock Europe into 40-50 more years of dependency on fossil fuels.

With the 23rd edition of the UN climate talks, COP23, now put to bed, CEO takes a look at what was achieved and what's left to play for.

Dodgy data and missing lobby organisations still characterise the EU’s voluntary lobby transparency register. Corporate Europe Observatory has now submitted a series of complaints on specific entries, and urges decision-makers to get tough on those who break the rules.