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Dutch legal requirements for CEO's charitable status

CEO is a foundation under dutch law. The registration number in Netherlands at the Chamber of Commerce is 33298822. CEO has a charitable status in the Netherlands under the fiscal number 8066.34.558. CEO has a registred permanent representation in Belgium with registration number 0892.893.710.

The members of the legal board are Ann Doherty (president), Aart van den Hoek (treasurer), Brid Brennan (secretary). They do not receive any remuneration.

The legal address in the Netherlands is: Vismarkt 15, 6511VJ Nijmegen.
The main office is in Belgium and its address is: Rue d'Edimbourg 26, 1050 Brussels.

Aims and objectives

According to the articles 4.1 and 4.2 of CEO's statutes, the foundation’s non-profit objective is to increase general knowledge about the political and economic influence of transnational companies and financial institutions, and to formulate alternatives and policy proposals to limit these influences in order to contribute to a more democratic and socially and economically just society. The foundation is primarily focussed on the situation in Europe and on activities by transnational companies and financial institutions whose home base is in Europe.

Policy plan

Through an ambitious work programme of research, outreach and campaigning in the next years, Corporate Europe Observatory will raise awareness and build political pressure for the EU institutions to embrace effective lobby transparency, stricter ethics rules and other reforms to boost democratic accountability. We will publish a large number of reports, articles, blogs and other publications that throw light on the role of lobbying in EU-decision-making. Combined with effective (social) media outreach to ensure our work reaches a large audience, this will result in significant awareness-raising among European citizens as well as strong political pressure for transparency and ethics reforms at the EU institutions.

Salary policy

We pay moderate salaries and their scales are based on the dutch collective labour agreement for the welfare sector. The average salary including pension and social insurances for one full time equivalent is E 43.476 per year. The range of salaries is a ratio of 1 : 1,53 (recalculated to full time and excluding interns).

Activity report

please find the report of the previous year here.

Financial report

please find the report of the previous year here.


CEO welcomes the very strongly worded final ruling by European Ombudsman Emily O'Reilly in her inquiry into the Commission's implementation of UN rules for contacts with tobacco industry lobbyists.

CEO joined forces with nine other civil society organisations working for equality, non-discrimination, transparent decision-making and strong ethics rules: in an open letter to the European Parliament we urge MEPs to oppose Oettinger’s appointment as the Comission’s head of human resources.

After nine months of hearings, the draft report of the EU Parliament's inquiry into the Dieselgate scandal has it black on white: the European Commission and EU member states had known since 2004-05 that diesel cars' nitrogen oxide emissions were far above legal limits - yet neither took action.

Our new report shows how industry lobbies present employee protection against work-related cancers as an 'unnecessary' burden on companies, and explains which tactics have been used to weaken and delay the European Union's revision of the Carcinogens and Mutagens Directive.

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