Charles Michel

Time to stop business-as-usual at the European Council

An open letter to President Charles Michel

On Sunday, Charles Michel, the former Prime Minister of Belgium will become President of the European Council, the EU institution which brings together the leaders of the 28 member states to collectively determine the EU’s overall political agenda.

Today a group of civil society organisations from the health, environment, arms, finance, food, social justice, public services, and human rights sectors, coordinated by the Alliance for Lobbying Tranparency and Ethics Regulation, are demanding that President Michel challenge the business-as-usual approach of the European Council. We have set President Michel ten crucial challenges for his term in office to enforce the rule of law, avoid corporate capture, secure full lobby transparency, and to boost ethics.

The European Council is a key EU institution and it deserves our attention and careful scrutiny – and as citizens we deserve its commitment to prevent corporate capture and boost transparency.

The open letter can be read here.

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