CEO's Lobby Labyrinth

Who's suing against climate and environmental action?

These six companies have sued or threatened to sue EU countries under the Energy Charter Treaty.

Can you find them in the Lobby Labyrinth?

CEO Lobby Labyrinth - ECT edition

Here are some hints to help you navigate the labyrinth:

Company #1:

When environmental standards on a coal-fired power plant were tightened in the North of Germany, Swedish company V _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ l sued Germany for €1.4 billion in compensation. Out of fear of the mega payout, the government relaxed the standards. (Need an extra hint? Find it here in page 22.)

Company #2:

UK oil company R _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ r is suing Italy for up to $350 million in damages - because the country banned new oil and gas drilling near its coast. A decision is expected this year. (Need an extra hint? Find it here.)

Company #3:

When France debated a law to end fossil fuel extraction, Canadian company V _ _ _ _ _ _ _ n threatened to sue and the law got watered down. (Need an extra hint? Find it here in page 35.)

Company #4:

German coal giant U _ _ _ _ r is threatening to sue the Netherlands over its post-2030 ban on burning coal for electricity, potentially claiming up to €1 billion. (Need an extra hint? Find it here.)

Company #5:

Remarkably, the German coal giant is majority-owned by Finnish state-owned company
F _ _ _ _ m. So the Finish state might sue the Netherlands for doing what it also wants to do: phase-out coal. (Need an extra hint? Find it here.)

Company #6:

Australian company A _ _ a E _ _ _ _ claims $1.8 billion in compensation from Sweden - because it banned uranium mining over environmental & health concerns. (Need an extra hint? Find it here.)

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