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Episode 36: CEO Anniversary - 25 years of fighting corporate power

Welcome to a new summer episode of EU Watchdog Radio. In this episode we will very exceptionally…talk about ourselves, about CEO as a lobby watchdog and dive into how it all started 25 years ago.


This year CEO celebrates it’s 25th anniversary albeit in a rather modest way, since at the start of this year the pandemic was still raging, and soon after a war started on the European continent with a subsequent energy- and food crisis. Not exactly a very festive momentum.

But while discussing the history of CEO , we automatically also discuss parts of the political and economical history of the European Union as we know it today. And we sincerely hope that by listening to co-founders of and still researchers with CEO, Olivier Hoedeman and Belen Balanya,  who explain how it all began back in Amsterdam, you’ll understand why the EU functions today is it does.

Get ready for a trip down memory lane!

This podcast is produced by CEO and Counter Balance. Both NGOs raise awareness on the importance of good governance in the EU by researching issues like lobbying of large and powerful industries, corporate capture of decision making, corruption, fraud, human rights violations in areas like Big Tech, agro-business, biotech & chemical companies, the financial sector & public investment banks, trade, energy & climate, scientific research and much more…

You can find us on iTunes, Spotify & Buzzsprout. Stay tuned for more independent and in-depth information that concerns every EU citizen!

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