An infographic with a tower of notes. The text says: "EU arms lobbying budget: €4.7M combined from the top 10 European arms companies in 2022."

Blood on the Green Deal

How the EU is boosting the mining and defence industries in the name of climate action

The EU Critical Raw Materials Act, or CRMA, is in the final stages of its adoption. Unlike other flagship legislations under the 'Green Deal', which have been the subject of fierce political battles, the CRMA enjoys broad support from all sides of the political spectrum. 

This report has been published in collaboration with Observatoire des Multinationales.

There seems to be a widespread consensus on the need to secure Europe's supply of critical minerals for the climate transition through financial support and favourable regulations. This has given a new aura of respectability to the mining industry, which is intrinsically dirty and generates massive greenhouse gases.

This report shows that other players still - whose activities and objectives have little to do with the EU’s climate goals or are in direct contradiction with these goals - have very opportunistically taken advantage of the CRMA debate. This is particularly true of the aerospace and defence industry.


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