Image of destroyed buildings and the words: Ceasefire NOW: In solidarity with Gaza

Gaza: Ceasefire now

As the resumption of the offensive against Gaza begins, Corporate Europe Observatory shares the global outcry against the murder and grave breaches of international human rights we are witnessing in Palestine.

We call for a permanent ceasefire to protect the people of Gaza who are struggling in tragically inhumane conditions with little access to basic food, water, shelter and medical supplies. According to the UN roughly 75% of the population are currently internally displaced.

We grieve the loss of Palestinian and Israeli lives. Our hearts break for their families who are left behind. Civilians must never be the target of acts of war. 

We condemn the brutal attacks carried out by Hamas on 7 October and the taking of hostages. The larger conflict long predates this act, however. For over 75 years, the Palestinian people have been subject to war crimes, apartheid and systemic abuse under the cover of impunity at the hands of the Israeli state. International leaders have failed to challenge ethnic cleansing and breaches of human rights over decades.

There is no justification for collective punishment and the genocidal response from the Israeli state. We stand in solidarity with voices from around the world who denounce Israel's bombardment of Gaza and incursions in the West Bank. We turn our eyes to the complicity of the European Union’s role in fueling the conflict including supplying research funding and weapons to Israeli forces.

We support a comprehensive arms embargo on Israel from the European Union given that serious violations under international law have been committed.

The implicit and explicit partnerships between the Israeli state and the EU should be investigated and a spotlight put on the European Union's double standards compared to the political response after the invasion of Ukraine.

We also stand in solidarity with victims of antisemitism and islamophobia, incidences of which are increasing across Europe. Through their actions - and lack of actions - the European Union and Western leaders are giving fuel to these forces of hate.

We urge EU politicians to call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire, a return of all hostages, as well as those held in administrative detention, an end to the illegal occupation, and a stop to the EU’s arms deals.

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