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Step out: time to ban Amazon lobbyists from the European Parliament

EU Watchdog Radio Episode 49

Trade unions and civil society back MEPs' call to ban Amazon lobbyists from European Parliament. This is big news and Bram Vranken explains how we got here.


Amazon is a frequent visitor to the EU Parliament. In January alone, it had nine meetings with MEPs. But when it refused to appear before the Employment Committee on a hearing on crucial issues concerning working conditions within its warehouses, it made MEPs from all party groups extremelly angry, and rightly so. 

On 5 February, MEPs on the European Parliament’s Employment Committee sent an official letter to Roberta Metsola, the European Parliament President, urging the withdrawal of lobbying badges from the tech giant’s representatives, effectively barring them from the Parliament's corridors. This week, more than 30 civil society groups and trade unions wrote to her backing up the MEPs' demand. It's time to ban Amazon lobbyists from the European Parliament. 

In this episode, Joana Louçã talks to CEO's campaigner and researcher Bram Vranken about this case.


You can download this episode's MP3 here.


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