Austerity Tour - 13th of March

Who’s really behind austerity? A guided tour of the European institutions and the financial and industrial lobbies responsible for austerity. The first of two days of action against austerity.

 On 13th March, the day before European heads of state gather in Brussels to decide the next wave of austerity policies, the city will host its first 'Austerity Tour'. It is organised by For a European Spring, a coalition of movements from 13 countries including Belgium, set up to denounce and push back the EU’s austerity drive.

A guided tour will set off from Square Meeus at 11am, weaving through the European Quarter as they unmask the key financial and industrial lobbies, as well as EU institutions. The interactive tour will explain the role each has played in introducing the austerity policies that are costing Europeans their livelihoods and dismantling public services.

The tour will end in Rond Point Schuman and is part of a day of action across Europe called for by For a European Spring.

Here's a video from the tour: