What Now for Climate Justice? Social Movement Strategies from Lima to Paris for the Final Year of Struggle over the Next Universal Climate Treaty

Read CEO's chapter in a new report released today in Lima by the International Institute of Climate Action and Theory compiling strategies to fight for climate justice as we approach the pivtoal 2015 climate talks in Paris.

A new report compiled from the ranks of climate justice advocates and groups such as CEO by The International Institute of Climate Action & Theory (IICAT - http://www.iicat.org/) was launched today at COP20 in Lima, Peru.

Authors of the report are Patrick Bond, Michael Dorsey, John Foran, Pascoe Sabido, Jim Shultz, Nathan Thanki, Brian Tokar, Richard Widick, Emily Williams, and Leehi Yona. 

The report aims to:

  • To increase climate justice participation and influence both inside the UN’s 2015 treaty process and outside, at the local frontlines of resistance to planet-killing twentieth-century fossil fuel development;
  • To put climate justice forces on the record, on the eve of adoption of the next universal climate change treaty, which as currently unfolding promises to institute a neoliberal path toward global climate apartheid, defaunation, and ecocide at the hands of entrenched fossil fuel interests, both private  corporations and state-owned oil, gas, and energy companies.

The report is a compilation of strategies to fight for climate justice, and CEO's chapter looks at what sort of strategies we can use to delegitimise the role of the fossil fuel industry and ensure we put an end to its cosy relationship with our decision makers.

It can be downloaded here: http://www.iicat.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/What-Now-for-Climate-Jus...