TABC invite for a cocktail at the Bavarian representation in Brussels

Somebody forwarded us this invite to a select cocktail party on 17 July 2014, organised by the Transatlantic Business Council at the Representation of the Free State of Bavaria to the EU. Another occasion for big business representatives to meet US & EU TTIP negotiators in a pleasant and discreet environment...


TTIP Reception in Brussels on July 17
Hendrike Kuehl, Trans-Atlantic Business Council

The TABC reception during the 6th round of TTIP negotiations is an opportunity for a broad range of stakeholders to meet with the negotiators. We have invited representatives from all stakeholders groups, including consumers and environmental groups, trade unions and press. All members of the INTA committee have also been invited to join the reception.

Transatlantic business

If I am not mistaken the TABD is funded by the Commission.

As found in the European Parliament study:
"As correctly outlined by Pierre Defraigne, ‘there is a power asymmetry
between the US and the EU’. The Transatlantic partnership will in fact be
composed of ‘a large, fully-fledged and united player on the one hand and a
player of comparable size, but still nursing an incomplete single market an
unbalanced single euro zone and a nascent foreign policy falling short of a
common defence system on the other’."

The problem is that the European industry does not raise any tangible demands to open up the US market while the US lobby hides between European initiaitives and puts its own agenda. TABD is another word for US capturing of the European business community, where the agenda is set on the other side of the Atlantic.

In other words, the Bavarian Representation backsteps the European business community by hosting the US-dominated TABD.

The EU is the regulatory super power of the world and TTIP makes it a poodle of the US.