Manifesto: Keep the farm TTIP- and CETA-free!

Stop TTIP and CETA in the interest of our farmers, consumers and food supply

Dozens of farmers groups and civil society organisations from across Europe have signed the Manifesto "Keep the farm TTIP- and CETA-free". What began as a Dutch coalition between pig, poultry and dairy farmers, the organic farming sector, unions and environmental organisations, has now expanded to the European level.

    The Manifesto highlights that the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the EU and the US would significantly increase the import of cheaper agricultural products, which are produced at lower standards in North America. This would come at a very high price for farmers in Europe, threatening their incomes, the safety of food, workers’ rights, environmental protection and animal welfare.

    CETA, the EU-Canadian agreement comparable to TTIP, would lead to similarly negative effects in the EU, especially for the beef, pork and arable sector. In Canada, where the dairy market is currently managed by a national supply system, European cheese imports would distort market and prices - a detrimental prospect for Candian dairy farmers. In the US, farmers will be negatively affected by the EU attacking the state rules on pesticides, factory farms and local procurement that support local efforts to rebuild food and faringm systems.

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