Harald Boerekamp

Former employer
DG-ECHO (Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection)
Former function
Administrator (contract agent)
New function
Senior consultant
New employer
Interel European Affairs
Policy area
Date of Revolving Door
Institutional reaction

"DG ECHO has confirmed that Mr Boerekamp did not have access to sensitive information during his time in the European Commission when he was working as a contract agent at DG ECHO ...[therefore] Mr Boerekamp did not need an authorisation to exercise an activity after leaving the Commission". Source: http://www.asktheeu.org/en/request/article_16_staff_regulations_4#outgoing-238

Other info

Mr Boerekamp has told CEO that "There is no overlap between my work at the Commission and my new work at Interel" and that he concurs with the judgement of the Commission that he had not had access to sensitive information during his time at the Commission. (Email to CEO, 1 August 2012) 


Interel is one of the larger Brussels-based lobby firms and in 2011, its clients included: Monsanto, Exxon, Rio Tinto, BP and others: http://ec.europa.eu/transparencyregister/public/consultation/displaylobbyist.do?id=7028457765-59 

Comment from CEO

"The Commission has not scrutinised Mr Boerekamp's move to Interel for possible conflicts of interest because of the loophole in the revolving door rules which excludes contract agents from the rules, unless they are found to have had access to 'sensitive information' during their time at the EU institution. In CEO's view, this loophole should be removed: Mr Boerekamp was at DG ECHO for nearly two years, and had previously had a stint at the Commission's Secretariat General for another year. This earlier contract was as a 'seconded national expert'; SNEs are not covered by the Staff Regulations. Overall, he was a "senior civil servant" and as such, his move to Interel should have been proactively scrutinised by the Commission for the risk of conflicts of interest."