Group of peopole standing in front of the European Parliament, holding the signs from the petition for Fossil Free Politics

People’s needs over corporate greed!


Dear friends,

What a great week this has been! We were joined by dozens of climate justice activists from all over Europe for two full days of discussion and action in Brussels, marking the launch of the European People over Polluters campaign. 

We went to the European Parliament to hand over the petition signed by 100k people to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for exploitation during the cost of living crisis. There, we had a completely full political launch of the campaign with groups sharing social and climate just solutions to the energy crisis and MEPs from three political groups (Mohammed Chahim from S&D, Marie Toussaint from the Greens and Leïla Chaibi and Miguel Urbán from the Left) joined us and made commitments for fossil free politics.

We still had time for strategy meetings with anti-poverty networks, trade unions and climate justice groups and a toxic tour of Brussels before heading back to the European Institutions for two simultaneous events.  We had a public hearing in the PETI Committee to hold fossil fuel companies to account for their role in fuelling the cost of living crisis. We also brought solutions from energy poverty groups and trade unions to the European Energy Commissioner. We presented proposals to ban disconnections, energy for all price models, subsidise renovations and renewables, public ownership of energy systems, and cut fossil fuel companies out of politics.

We will have videos from these days coming out soon and contact us if you want to join the People over Polluters campaign!


In solidarity,

The CEO Comms Team

- Kat, Joana, and Lucy

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