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Dear friends,

We’ve just published a new research article "PFAS are forever?" in which we expose how the toxics industry is fighting back against the upcoming European regulation of PFAS or 'forever chemicals'. These substances are found in everything from frying pans to food packaging. Regulators have announced that these products should be phased out. By using internal documents and other data we show how powerful chemical companies paint themselves as reasonable actors, whilst at the same time privately they are pushing hard for exemptions for their own PFAS products, and warning in dramatic terms of the economic fallout of banning them. Meanwhile the real catastrophe – the impacts on human health and the environment – as well as the costs of clean up, continue. You can read the article here, also check a short op-ed on the matter here.

We also reacted strongly against the highly controversial proposal by the European Commission to deregulate New GMOs or ‘new genomic techniques’. This would be an historic wrong turn of the EU policy and increase risks for the environment and health, as well as undermine the rights of farmers and consumers.

Together with a broad coalition we also expressed our outrage as the European Food Safety Agency (EFSA) early July again ‘greenlighted’ glyphosate despite data gaps and outstanding issues. The Stop Glyphosate coalition also launched a new website, which gives an overview of state of the art independent (scientific) information and procedures. This information hub is the only reliable and independent platform on the infamous weedkiller, of which the EU authorisation expires on December 2023. Help us getting it banned for good!

In solidarity,

The CEO Team

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