protestors from FFP in front of the European Commission

People Over Polluters: Taking action against the fossil fuel industry across Europe


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What are the tricks and tactics used by big polluters to undermine energy crisis measures across Europe? Fossil Free Politics Coalition's new report ‘Cold homes, hot profits’ exposes how big oil actively lobbied against and weakened social measures, such as windfall taxes, at the EU and national levels.  

Our joint People Over Polluters declaration was signed by over 100 civil society and trade unions last week with a strong call to kick the fossil fuel lobby out of politics, and bring just solutions from those on the front lines, like trade unions, anti-poverty, and climate justice groups. We have put together infographics with everything you need to know about why it's high time to kick fossil fuel companies out of politics and bring people in.

Last week, we supported actions taking place in the UK, Italy, Czech Republic, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, and Malta to call for People Over Polluters

Our allies joined us in Brussels for a guided bus tour of the lobby offices of fossil fuel companies that have used the energy crisis to weaken windfall taxes and social protection measures while boosting new fossil fuel extraction. The tour finished with a rally in front of the European Commission with speeches from MEPs, trade unions, and anti-poverty groups calling for polluters out and people in. 

You can see some of the action in the "Brussels, my love?” show by Euronews here!

100,000+ people are calling to kick the fossil fuel industry out of politics.

Are you one of them? Sign our petition in partnership with WeMove!

A success from Fossil Free Politics: The European Parliament will hold a public hearing to investigate fossil fuel companies' undue influence on the European Commission’s energy crisis response.

Last but not least: over 17,100 people are calling to end secrecy over trilogue negotiations. On Wednesday morning, campaigners from lobby watchdogs Corporate Europe Observatory and LobbyControl handed in a petition to European Parliament Vice President Katarina Barley (SPD), asking for an end to the practice of holding ‘trilogue’ meetings between the European Parliament, Commission and Council in secret, and for key negotiating documents to be made public.

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