For a European Spring - Videos

Mobilising videos from "For a European Spring" in English, French, Spanish, German and Greek

Enjoy the mobilising video of 'For a European Spring' - available below in English, French, Spanish, German and Greek - featuring European political leaders making quite telling statements about the EU's crisis policy. See for instance:

  • the President of the Commission José Manuel Barroso speak gladly of "the silent revolution" taking place (June 2010),
  • Former PM of Italy Mario Monti explain that Greece is the best example of the euro's success - because a "culture of stability" has been introduced,
  • Council President Van Rompuy reveal his joy over introduction of "automatic sanctions" without political interference to an audience of business lobbyists and corporate executives,
  • President of the European Central Bank Mario Draghi explain the need for "a discipline that cannot be changed by any government", such as the one adopted with the Fiscal Compact/Austerity Treaty,
  • And finally see German Finance Minister Schäuble praise technocratic governments that suspends "the normal political game".

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