39 NGOs write to EU leaders on Dieselgate

NGOs write an open letter on Dieselgate to demand EU action to protect citizens from air pollution and the manipulative and fraudulent behaviour of carmakers.

The letter demands the following:

  • Undertake an immediate, independent and transparent EU-level investigation into the dieselgate scandal, including a full review of the rules and regulatory mechanisms that failed to prevent Volkswagen’s manipulations, excessive emissions, and misuse of public funds. The investigation should also compile and interpret the findings of all national authorities and prosecutors on the fraudulent behaviour of Volkswagen and, if relevant, other car-makers.
  • Establish EU oversight in the process of type approval for motor vehicles. The existing procedure whereby national agencies oversee and undertake EU-wide type approval has failed.
  • Strengthen the enforcement of environmental legislation at EU and Member State level, including by equipping public environmental inspectorates with the mandate and powers to protect public health and the environment and improving market surveillance under the recently-unveiled internal market strategy.
  • Ensure that fraudulent companies are suspended from the EU lobby register until it has been demonstrated that they comply with EU law, and consequently decline meetings between the companies and the EU institutions unless the meeting directly concerns an investigation. Volkswagen’s membership in Commission expert groups and advisory bodies should also be suspended. 


jone the group
Dipen saikia

my self Dipen saikia. Form assam india. Work whit NGO. Last 20Years.

Dipen saikia
RAAIZ(The masses)
Dhakuakhana. Assam. India
email. Raaizthemasses@Gmail. Com. Dipensaikiadhk@gmail. Com

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