Researching corporate lobbying in the EU

Corporate lobbying is a murky business that tends to thrive in the absence of public scrutiny. If you're looking to research the world of big business lobbying, there are a range of free online tools that can help. You can download the pdf, or find all the links on this page.

Sources on EU lobbying and EU policy-making

  • LobbyFacts is run by Corporate Europe Observatory and LobbyControl and it takes data from the official (Commission/Parliament/Council) register and allows it to be filtered, ranked, sorted, and analysed. Lobby register data dating back to 2012 is available in its unique archive
  • Integritywatch is run by Transparency International’s EU office and it takes data from MEPs' declarations of interest, MEPs' published meetings, and the published lists of lobby meetings held by Commissioners, cabinet members, and Directors-General
  • Parltrack is a European initiative to improve the transparency of legislative processes. It combines information on dossiers, representatives, vote results and committee agendas into a database and allows the tracking of dossiers using email and RSS
  • Lobbypedia is run by LobbyControl (in German) to highlight the influence of lobbyism on politics and the public
  • AsktheEU was built by the organisation Access Info Europe to help members of the public get information about the EU. You can submit access to documents requests and view those made by others
  • Powerbase is published by Public Interest Investigations and is a guide to networks of power, lobbying, and deceptive PR
  • Open Security Data Europe is a public platform aimed at tracking and displaying how EU spends money on security-related projects, including policing, border control, counter-terrorism, cybersecurity, and weapons
  • SEMDOC is published by Statewatch and provides monitoring of EU Justice and Home Affairs policy
  • provides information on how EU farming subsidies are spent

Official EU sources

Sources on EU member state lobbying

  • Irish lobby register
  • German lobby register
  • French lobby register
  • Austrian lobby register
  • Transparency International also runs IntegrityWatch sites for Latvia, France, Greece, Netherlands, UK, Spain, Lithuania, Italy, Slovenia

Sources on US lobbying

  • is run by the Center for Responsive Politics and presents analysis of news, parties, elected members, candidates, as well as disclosing how much campaign money has been raised and where it comes from. It also analyses the lobby spending of registered lobby organisations
  • SourceWatch is published by the Center for Media and Democracy and it provides analysis of US corporate public relations (PR) campaigns, including corporate front groups
  • Gulliver is a database run by Corpwatch which enables users to find details of corporate crimes anywhere in the world - and how communities are organising to hold these companies accountable. Also check out Violation Tracker by Good Jobs First in the US
  • FARA is the Foreign Agents Registration Act with semi-annual reports published by the Department of Justice