Mogens Peter Carl

Former employer
DG Environment
Former function
New function
Senior Adviser
New employer
Kreab Gavin Anderson (lobby consultancy)
Policy area
Date of Revolving Door
Institutional reaction

"I have the pleasure to inform you that there is no incompatibility between the prescribed regulations and the activities that you have described in your application dated 11/11/2009, and they can be authorised".

Other info

Kreab is a major lobby consultancy which has “around 50 EU experts in our Brussels office focused on helping our clients to understand and influence EU decision making” with four fifths of its staff involved in activities covered by the lobby register. Information from EU Transparency Register, viewed 6 July 2012:

Kreab says that it is “especially focused on financial services, envrionment [sic], energy and the internal market”. Information from EU Transparency Register, viewed 6 July 2012:

Its single biggest client in 2010 was Scania (the vehicle manufacturer), which accounted for approximately 12 per cent of KGA Brussels' overall turnover. Information from EU Transparency Register, viewed 6 July 2012:

Upon his appointment, the Karl Isaksson the managing partner of KGA in Brussels said: “Mogens brings with him a formidable wealth of experience in European public affairs as well as great knowledge about environment, energy and trade policy, all greatly important areas for our clients.” Information from Public Affairs News, 8 February 2010:[pointer]=6&cHash=f9dad1fa90

Before joining DG Environment, Mr Carl was previously Director-General at DG Trade (2000-2005).

More information is available in the ALTER-EU report: Block the revolving door - why we need to stop EU officials becoming lobbyists:

September 2013 update: Mogens Peter Carl now works for lobby consultancy Cabinet DN

Update 18 August 2015: In September 2014, Carl joined law firm Gide as a senior adviser to work with its Brussels office on issues of European and international trade, EU competition and regulatory law.

Update 18 November 2015: You can also read about 15 other energy/ climate/ environment-related revolving door stories in our November 2015 report: Brussels, big energy, and revolving doors: a hothouse for climate change.

Comment from CEO

"The activities mentioned by Mr Carl as part of his tasks at KGA included “strategic consulting on international economic relations including energy issues” and his employment at Kreab (as a lobbyist / lobbying adviser, including on energy issues) is clearly related to the work he carried out during his preceding work at the Commission. CEO considers that the Commission could – and should - have introduced a cooling off period or ban for two years before allowing Mr Carl's job move."