Nuevo vídeo: Tras los pasos de los lobbies

A veces, las historias de las noticias nos hacen pensar en quien esta realmente moviendo los hilos.

Este vídeo de 10 minutos muestra cuál es el papel de los lobbies empresariales en los procesos de decisión de la UE – quienes son, cómo consiguen lo que quieren, y cómo sus actividades te afectan a ti, y a los ciudadanos como tu en todo Europa, desde la comida que comes, hasta las leyes para los banqueros, o los quimicos permitidos en productos cotidianos. ¡Mira, aprende, comparte!



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The lobbying around the EU Copyright Directive has been intense: big-budget tech platforms under Google's leadership as well as tech trade associations on one side, historically important collecting societies, the creative industries and publishers on the other. The interests and opinions of citizens have become sidelined in the resulting turmoil.

A seemingly innocent concept, the “innovation priniciple” has been invented by some of the dirtiest industries in Europe. They have carefully and strategically inserted it into the EU system, where it could have a significant impact on the shaping of new EU legislation or policies, and those under revision.

EU institutions are currently negotiating new single market rules that could have a severe and distinctly negative impact on decision-making in parliaments, regional assemblies and city councils across Europe. Read Corporate Europe Observatory's Questions & Answers on the proposal to give the Commission new powers to annul local decisions.

As EU negotiators try to reach agreement on the single-use plastics proposal this week, industry lobbies continue their push to avoid robust obligations.

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