Nouvelle vidéo : Petit tour des lobbies Européens...

Le pouvoir des lobbies

Parfois, certaines informations dans l'actualité font vraiment se demander qui tire les ficelles. Cette vidéo de 10 minutes dévoile le rôle des lobbies des grandes entreprises dans les prises de décision de l'UE : qui ils sont, comment ils obtiennent ce qu'ils veulent et comment ils vous affectent, vous et vos semblables partout en Europe, de la nourriture dans votre assiette à la régulation financière en passant par les produits chimiques autorisés dans les produits de tous les jours. À découvrir, comprendre et partager !

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The plastics industry mounted a significant lobby campaign to influence the European Commission’s recent Plastics Strategy. Industry is now seeking to unpick or undermine key elements of the strategy through lacklustre or non-existing voluntary commitments, or outright opposition. With the Commission likely to publish its proposal to tackle single-use plastic products any day, will it adopt an ambitious approach towards binding regulations on industry?

Following the Cambridge Analytica affair and the massive leak of 87 million people’s data revealed earlier this year, Facebook is facing unprecedented scrutiny of its business model. Regulators must stop treating the social media giant as a trusted partner and better protecting EU citizens' digital rights.

Thanks to bottom-up pressure the European Union stepped back from supporting Trump and his big polluters’ agenda, but fell short of backing calls for a conflict of interest policy at the UN climate talks.

AirBnB and its allies are lobbying the EU to fight measures to protect affordable housing in cities across Europe. Our new report “UnFairbnb” looks at the way in which their Brussels lobbying undermines cities’ ability to regulate the AirBnB model for holiday rentals.

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