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Stop fossil fuels hijacking EU response to Ukraine

Demand fossil free politics!

The invasion of Ukraine has exposed Europe’s dependency on Russian oil and gas. Its imports are directly funding Putin’s war efforts, to the tune of €20 billion in March alone.

Thanks to its close relationship to the fossil fuels industry, the EU’s response has been to double-down on gas from other repressive regimes like Qatar and Azerbaijan. It is also promoting other industry-proposed false solutions like hydrogen and biomethane.

Join us in the call for #FossilFreePolitics!

The IPCC’s latest report says we need to slash fossil fuel use as it’s “now or never” to stave off climate disaster, which means ending the fossil fuel industry’s access to decision making.

Add your voice and tell EU decision makers that we need to move away from gas and gas lobbyists - EU, US, Russian, Qatari or Azeri! Join us in calling out EU decision makers!

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