Episode 41: Ealcome to LobbyLeaks.eu!

Welcome to LobbyLeaks.eu!

EU Watchdog Radio Episode 41

In our brand new episode of EU Watchdog Radio, we talk to MEP Paul Tang and to CEO’s Bram Vranken about the new website LobbyLeaks.eu.


Welcome to the 41st episode of EU Watchdog Radio where we talk with Dutch MEP Paul Tang and to CEO’s Big Tech researcher Bram Vranken on the website LobbyLeaks.eu.

LobbyLeaks.eu has just been launched by CEO and Lobby Control, with the support of several cross-party MEPs and it is a new hotline for anonymous tip-offs about lobbying, specifically focused on issues around Big Tech.

Through LobbyLeaks.eu we expect to expose lobbying campaigns and tactics which either breach the EU transparency’s register code of conduct, or are considered to be an unregulated form of lobbying. There is a guarantee of complete anonymity for all tip-offs.


This podcast is produced by CEO and Counter Balance. Both NGOs raise awareness on the importance of good governance in the EU by researching issues like lobbying of large and powerful industries, corporate capture of decision making, corruption, fraud, human rights violations in areas like Big Tech, agro-business, biotech & chemical companies, the financial sector & public investment banks, trade, energy & climate, scientific research and much more…

You can find us on iTunes, Spotify & Buzzsprout. Stay tuned for more independent and in-depth information that concerns every EU citizen!


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