Help CEO fight agribusiness lobbies in the EU

At CEO, we are exposing how corporate lobby groups impact EU decisions on food and agriculture, and we are campaigning against their damaging influence on EU decisions. Despite many warnings from independent scientists, the food we eat is still often unhealthy, and the way it is produced disastrous for the environment.

We’re asking for your financial support to continue and develop this work: producing in-depth research and campaigning is costly, and the best way to guarantee our independence is with donations from our readers and supporters. Any amount large or small will make a difference to our work!


  • Will industry manage to keep the data that forms the basis of public safety evaluations of hazardous products like pesticides confidential?
  • Or will the EU finally decide that the toxicity of all regulated products should be based on proper science – independent, peer-reviewed and publicly accessible research?
  • Will EU food safety regulators finally remove from their panels the experts who have financial conflicts of interests with the industry they regulate?
  • Will industry manage to maintain authorisation for the “kill-all-plants” herbicide glyphosate, despite many warnings from independent scientists and the massive mobilisation of EU citizens?
  • Will industry manage to kill the precautionary principle, and replace it with its so-called “innovation principle”?
  • Will corporations keep hijacking EU research budgets at the expense of public universities, independent scientists and public interest research projects?

Many of these fundamental questions will be answered by the EU institutions in the coming months. Your support will help us expose industry’s lobbying on these crucial issues, and campaign to push EU decision-makers to better defend public health and the environment.

Thank you in advance, for what you can contribute.

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