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Lots of news around the UN climate talks. Yesterday, our own Pascoe Sabido was quoted in The Guardian commenting on the scandal that a United Arab Emirates oil firm had access to COP28 climate summit emails.

The head of an oil company, Sultan al-Jaber, is due to lead these talks in November-December in the United Arab Emirates. Having the fossil fuel industry oversee climate negotiations is like having the weapons industry oversee peace talks.

Last week, alongside our global ally Corporate Accountability, we helped galvanise over 130 EU and US decision makers to call for an end to fossil fuel influence at the UN climate talks. An unprecedented transatlantic alliance of decision makers from the US and EU joined  the calls from many in the Global South for Sultan al-Jaber's dismissal as the COP28 president. 

The signed letter also included a crucial demand for a conflict of interest framework at the UNFCCC which, if enacted, would end the political chokehold from big polluters at the talks. Signatories included Members of European Parliament from across five political parties including presidents, and US Senators such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Sheldon Whitehouse & Elizabeth Warren. It got wide-spread coverage including Politico, TIME, Washington Post US, EU Observer, Financial Times and more!

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With our allies in the Fossil Free Politics coalition, we also work to expose the role fossil fuel giants have played in causing and profiteering from the energy crisis here in Europe.

Not only are these corporations not being held accountable for their damage to people and planet, they have put in the driving seat to lead the EU’s response. With over 100 official meetings between fossil fuel lobbyists and EU leaders - and a new ‘Advisory group' crawling with fossil gas companies.

As part of this work CEO will work on:

  • a national week of action in October to call for Polluters Out of politics, People's solutions in.
  • ensuring a COP28 resolution gains a strong majority through the European Parliament. 

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