Who we are

Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) is a research and campaign group working to expose and challenge the privileged access and influence enjoyed by corporations and their lobby groups in EU policy making.

Our team

Kat Ainger

Editor (freelance)


Belén Balanyá

Belén Balanyá

Researcher and campaigner
Work areas: Climate, Energy, Environment


Vicky Cann

Vicky Cann

Researcher and campaigner
Work areas: Lobbying the EU, Captured states

0044 1494 864649

Kenneth Haar

Kenneth Haar

Researcher and campaigner
Work areas: Finance, economic and social justice, democracy

0045 2360 0631

Olivier Hoedeman

Olivier Hoedeman

Research and campaign coordinator
Work areas: Lobbying the EU

0032 4 74486545

Nina Holland

Nina Holland

Researcher and campaigner
Work areas: Agribusiness, GMOs, Lobbying the EU, EFSA


Kees Kimman

Kees Kimman

Finance manager

0031 63830 4731

Karin Lotz

Karin Lotz

Office Manager


Pascoe Sabido

Pascoe Sabido

Researcher and campaigner
Work areas: Lobbying the EU, Expert groups, Climate, Energy, Environment


Hans van Scharen

Hans van Scharen

Researcher and campaigner
Work areas: Agribusiness & Food, Pesticides, GMOs, Lobbying the EU

0032 484 729776

Lucy Hall

Lucy Hall

Press Officer

0044 7908 481895

Joana Louçã

Joana Louçã

Communications Officer


Our board

CEO's board consists of three members:
Analía Penchaszadeh (The Netherlands/Argentina)
Brid Brennan (The Netherlands/Ireland)
Saskia Ozinga (Belgium)

Our advisory council includes the board members as well as:
Pratap Chatterjee (India/US)
Jakub Patočka (Czech Republic)
Thomas Wallgren (Finland)

Our statutes

The statutes for Corporate Europe Observatory can be found here.

Our annual report

Take a look at our research and campaigning highlights from last year, and discover some of the great coverage of our work in our 2021 annual report. Also take a look at our 2020 annual report.

CEO Activity Report 2021 Cover

Who funds us?

Corporate Europe Observatory receives donations from individual supporters as well as grants from a number of trusts and grant-making foundations. Our funding policy rejects funding from EU institutions and corporations in order to maintain the independence of our research. You can access our CEO accounts 2008-2021. Currently the following trusts and foundations are supporting us financially:

Name of foundation

Mission statement

CEO activities funded

Financial year 2022

Isvara Foundation

The Isvara Foundation was established in 2007 and is fully funded by a donation from founder Ayman Jallad. It is "a progressive trust that awards grants to civil society organisations working to halt the unsustainable and socially destructive neo-liberal policies that characterize the currently dominant process of corporate-led globalisation."

Investigating corporate influence & strengthening EU lobbying regulation

€ 50,000.00

Adessium Foundation

“Adessium Foundation was established in 2005 by the Van Vliet family, which has a background in asset management.” “The Foundation works to achieve a balanced society characterized by integrity, a balance between people and nature, and social harmony.“

Investigating corporate influence & strengthening EU lobbying regulation

€ 115,000.00

This is part of a 3-year Grant, with a total of € 350.000 for 2019 to 2022

Open Society Initiative for Europe

The Open Society Foundations were set up in 1979 by George Soros. “The Open Society Initiative for Europe aims to contribute to more vibrant and legitimate democracies in the European Union by supporting the activists and civil society organizations confronting Europe’s many challenges.”

Investigating corporate influence & strengthening EU lobbying regulation


Marisla Foundation

The Marisla Foundation was established in 1986 by Anne Getty Earheart. “The Foundation makes grants in two program areas (the Human Services Program and the Environmental Program) and one special interests category.”

Investigating corporate influence (EU food and agriculture policies)
& strengthening EU lobbying regulation

€ 26,039.00

Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust

“The Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust is a Quaker trust which supports people who address the root causes of conflict and injustice. At JRCT, we want to engage in philanthropy which challenges the existing power imbalances in society to effect real change.”

Investigating corporate influence & strengthening EU lobbying regulation

€ 31,000.00

Fondation pour le progrès de l'Homme

“The Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation for the Progress of Humankind (fph) is a foundation under Swiss law. Our aim is to contribute to the emergence of a global community. Our work focuses on governance, ethics and sustainable living modes.”

Investigating corporate influence & strengthening EU lobbying regulation

€ 40,000.00

European Climate Foundation The European Climate Foundation is dedicated to responding to the global climate crisis by creating a net-zero greenhouse gas emissions society. Investigating corporate influence (EU climate and energy policies), & strengthening EU lobbying regulation

€ 22,854

Olin gGmbH

(not to be confused with the now
defunct John M Olin Foundation)

Olin gGmbH “is committed to the protection of natural habitats. The focus of Olin is the temporary support of smaller organizations and projects.” “Olin gGmbH was founded in May 2012 by Alexander Szlovák. It receives its financial resources from his private foundation.”

Investigating corporate influence (EU food and agriculture policies)
& strengthening EU lobbying regulation

€ 60,000.00

Reset Reset provides "grants and contracts while working alongside partners with a shared policy, technology, and advocacy agenda in countries with immediate opportunities for change. Our goal is to stop Big Tech companies from profiting off public harm by resetting the rules for online media. Every other major industry – from automotive to pharmaceutical, telecommunications to banking – must follow rules that protect the public interest. Tech giants should be no different. Investigating corporate influence & strengthening EU lobbying regulation

€ 39,036.00

CS Marin Fund CS Fund seeks to create an equitable democracy, achieve a just transition to a regenerative economy and food system, and mitigate climate chaos. Agribusiness Campaign

€ 11,000

Polden Puckham Charitable Foundation The Polden Puckham Charitable Foundation (PPCF) is a grant-giving trust with Quaker family roots. Their assets have been given to the Foundation by some family members and the capital originated from (formerly) Quaker owned businesses. PPCF's priority is "to address systemic threats by seeking to change policy and attitudes at a national, European or international level Fossil Free Politics Campaign

€ 118,330

Grassroots Foundation The Grassroots Foundation was founded in 1999 with the goal of supporting civil society movements in their struggles for the protection of nature and the respect for human rights. Grassroots aims to strengthen non-governmental groups and movements in their efforts to challenge destructive and undemocratic development practices that many governments and corporations are promoting. Agribusiness G.M.O, Climate and Finance

€ 20,000

Total grant funding in 2022       €666,990.00