Do not frack ECT Slovenia

How the Energy Charter Treaty could faciliate a toxic fracking project in Slovenia

Imagine a company wanting to frack for gas in your neighbourhood. Your community opposes the plan and the government demands an environmental impact assessment. But then the company sues your country for interfering with its profits, demanding €120 million in compensation. This is the story of the Petišovci community in Slovenia.

In spring 2021, Corporate Europe Observatory and the Slovenian Foundation for Sustainable Development Umanotera visited the Petišovci community in Slovenia to learn about the planned fracking project by UK-based Ascent Resources - and about how the company is now threatening to sue the Slovenian government under the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT).

We met concerned residents, inspiring activists and committed journalists. Watch their story.

Learn more about the ECT here.

And don't forget to take action to end the anti-climate deal.

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